I think that it is easy to forget to love your life. We get trapped in these ideas that we need to go to school and get an education or/and a job to support ourselves and our families. While I'm not against this, I think that these things can sometimes take away from true passions. These passions may be forgotten, because they supposedly aren't realistic. "Don't try to be a musician! There's a million people trying to do that!" Yes, and none of those people are me. 


Growing up, I always felt like the odd one out of a group. To this day, I don't generally fit in groups. I can get along with various types of people, but they do not normally associate with each other. If not for being just plain weird, I was made fun of for how I looked, my shyness, etc.


Eventually, I began to use my words to fight back. I also started writing in high school. I went through many different phases, from tough guy rapper to suicidal teen, and moving forward to where I am at today. Writing was a way for me to vent, to feel like I'm worth something, and to force me to think about whatever topic I was writing about.


Today, I write for the same reasons, but also to get others to see a new perspective as well as myself. This tends to be true even in my more silly songs, if you listen closely. I try to touch on concepts, whether reality or abstract, that we face every day. And now, I am learning to harness that weirdness that people had previously scorned me for.


Arsini (Arson+Eye)

Burning your perception, changing how you see things. May seem sinful to some, but you should analyze for yourself.